Tinni from Laugarból

Are you looking for a well tuned competition horse then here is the answer, Tinni is son of the famous Icelandic stallion Orri frá Þúfu who should not need any introduction. Born in June 2007, Tinni has a long competition history as a four gater and has been assessed with 8,71 in Gæðingakeppni.

Tinni is a wonderful character, forward thinking with high movements and super clean and well separated gaits. His tölt is out of this world and speed variations are like few others, a true dream to ride and compete on. In 2020 he has competed four times and he does not know what second place feels like, he enters to win and has a good collection of first prices. As he is very willing and forward thinking this is not a horse for a very young rider. A true diamond for the right rider.

Tinni frá Laugarbóli