Fjöður from Strönd II

In short, we could say she is a gentle giant with a million-dollar look. Fjöður is considered huge for an Icelandic horse or 155cm and has an even bigger character. She is one of those horses that you are lucky to get once in a lifetime, wonderful gentle temperament independent, not afraid of anything and when she sees her people coming to her in the field you see how happy she gets as she comes running to them.

When in the saddle she is ready for anything, very willing, forward thinking and in full sync with the rider, loves to work and always gives her best. She possesses great speed variations in all gates, always on clean beat with high leg lift. She is daughter of the legendary stallion Klængur frá Skálakoti and has inherited most of his great qualities and resembles him both in movement and character qualities which is why we choose her as one of our breeding mares.

We call her the gentle giant