About Turna

On the quiet and peaceful west coast of Ostrobothnia lies Turna horse farm. The family farm used to focus on agriculture and cow farming but now the cows have been replaced by Icelandic horses. The old barn building has been converted into a cozy stable with room for eight horses plus loose housing. The horses and their well-being are in focus on the farm, which mainly focuses on breeding, sales and brokerage of Icelandic horses. We at Turna horse farm are passionate about developing the Icelandic equestrian sport in Finland. Therefore, we prioritize quality and use only top-bred breeding horses.

The farm is run by Sigurgisli and Camilla who both have long experience with horses. For Sigurgisli, who grew up with the Icelandic horses in Mosfellsdal in Iceland, the Icelandic horse has always been in focus, while Camilla has a broader experience of different types of horses. In connection with her move to Iceland in 2013, interest was aroused in the Icelandic horse, which since then, with its special gaits and temperament, certainly has a special place in the whole family's heart! The couple's daughter Isabella and their dog Catalina also live on the farm.

Turna horse farm has, given its good contacts to serious breeders in Iceland, the opportunity to find suitable horses for import to Finland, all according to the customer's wishes and needs. The name Turna comes from the original founders of the farm, Camilla’s grandparents Ture and Nanna.